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Kindle Series: Coming Soon!
Growth | Change | Development

I am excited to announce my launch into the Kindle world with a book series reflecting my “grassroots” approach to life coaching for spiritual growth, cultivating change and personal development.

Cultivating Change Series

My first Kindle series is written through the lens of grassroots life coaching, philosophically built on a foundation of appreciative coaching, strengths-based assessment, and intentional living. Baby Boomers and women in particular, leaders, aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs, business owners, and students are challenged to know themselves, not just horizontally by naming facts, qualifications, and resumé-defined experiences related to what they can do; rather by including the wisdom that develops when vertically digging deep into their inner self to understand who they are. First, readers will learn to implement six keys to nurture, grow and empower their lives by cultivating change and activating personal accountability and responsibility. Next, they will learn to step out and redesign using 10 values to SOAR by. Last, they will pull it all together in the realization that daily growth is personal.

Collection I: Cultivating Change from the Inside Out
Features 6 Keys to Nurture, Grow and Empower

Know yourself to grow yourself.
Nurture your life to live and thrive.
Integrate wholeness over balance.
Communicate, connect and influence.
Intentionally live a life that matters.
Walk into each day expecting opportunity.

Collection II: Cultivating Change from the Inside Out
Features 10 Values to SOAR By

Walk by faith, knowing why you trust and believe.
Move with vision, purpose and action.
Nurture family and community relationships.
Reflect on transitions, choices and outcomes.
And just know it’s all personal and unique.
Continuously improve and navigate,
Go big to build, inspire and give.
Create with wisdom and no limits.
Allow fluid living to shape your life.
And just know you’ll leave behind a powerful legacy.

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