Writer’s Edge: The edge of who I am is the beginning of God. Without connecting to God my words lie dormant.


Cultivating change through daily growth & personal development for the purpose of unleashing human potential.


eSpeaker Marketplace. Premiere member of Women Speakers Association. USCBWB Moderator. OMA workshop facilitator.


Women Speakers Association Pittsburgh Community. Inspiring women to be seen and heard. 

Author Portfolio

3X bestselling author, passionate about life coaching and doing BIG things—building community, inspiring change, and giving back. Anita is the founder and principal at The Place to SOAR, a social enterprise dedicated to cultivating daily growth and personal development to unleash human potential.

Something Big Is Coming
in the Fall of 2020!

My second solo project is appropriate in these times of COVID-19 and the call for justice after the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, among others. It is dedicated to those who understand the value of peace, commitment, and self-determination when standing up for social, health and economic equity.

First Solo Project

Every person’s story is a microcosmic enactcment go God’s eternal story, a portrayal of His relationship with humanity. Written with a cathartic tone this sibling story reveals an adventurous testimony of the presence of God over the entire course of a lifetime. It is a testimony of developing faith and struggle for identity, personal acceptance, and self-liberation.

First Women Speakers Association (WSA) Project

Within these pages you can discover powerful female voices rising up to educate, guide, and inspire. Behind each story is a woman brave enough to have their voice heard and bold enough to make a difference. Their stories challenge the status quo, bring light to once-dark topics and introduce new ways of thinking.

Nurture, Grow and Empower Your Life

The SOAR On-PAR Workbook & Journal is about you. It is about asking specific introspective questions to determine how you manage your gift of life.

Yearning to Be Seen and Heard

A collection of stories about women from around the world. These courageous women take you on a journey through their lives—exposing pain, disappointments, and struggles in motherhood.

My Faith, Trust and Belief Rests in God

Empowerment doesn’t have to be elusive. This power is your birthright. We sometimes forget that we are spiritual beings, worth and deserving of great good.


Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference 

I am so proud to be a collaborative author for the next volume of the Women Speakers Association Voices Book Series. The title reminds me of a quote by Coretta Scott King. “Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul.” I believe we are in a time where our voices need to be raised above the clanging sound of inequity and injustice.

About Anita

“My personal narrative is the tale of a wilderness journey nestled between the loss of two of the most important people in my life.”

Over the course of time I realized a passion for the growth and development of people and my career evolved from a bench scientist to a learning and development specialist to a life coach, speaker and author.